Diagnosing & Repairing Sewer Line Damage

August 21, 2019

Businesses, homes and public institutions across Denver, Colorado and Littleton know to trust Denver Plumbing Solutions when they need quick response to all their sewer-related concerns. 

Between improper use of these fixtures, drains, and pipes and many other outside factors, the main sewer line in any commercial or residential establishment often takes quite a beating over time. If you’re experiencing trouble with your property’s main sewer line, or if it’s become clogged or even collapsed, Denver Plumbing Solutions is the company you can count on to repair or even replace your system. 

Given the “high traffic” of any structure’s main sewer line, there a wide variety of common causes for clogging. If all the drains in your home begin backing up at once, the most likely cause is a sewer drain clog. There are a variety of major signs to look out for that can indicate a repair or replacement of your main sewer line could be required.

When sewer pipes are broken or ruptured, the sewage won’t be able to properly drain through the system—leading to immediate and frequent backups.  Sewer pipe rupture due to shifting soil, settling, increased traffic on the ground above, or use of heavy construction equipment above ground can all cause pipe cracking or damage. Corrosion of older sewage pipes and leaking seals can also cause sewage and waste water to escape, disrupting your sewage system.

Sunken soil due to rain or other natural causes can also cause sagging in main sewer lines, which can not only result in blockage due to collected waste and waste paper, but also lead to cracks when the blockage or bend becomes too extreme. 

Is your home or commercial property more than forty years old? When diagnosing sewer repair problems, it’s important to remember that many older sewer lines across older Colorado cities and towns were sometimes constructed out of clay or other porous materials. Furthermore, the connections between the pipe sections weren’t as tight as today’s PVC pipes. This can often lead to the roots of trees or shrubs latching onto a sewer pipe, where they will continue to into in order to reach the water inside. As the roots expand over time, it can cause the line to break.

Are you sure the right materials are entering your sewage system? In order to keep your plumbing system’s health in top shape, it’s important to know what you can and can’t flush down your toilet —a common problem for public buildings and commercial structures. A steadfast rule to remember when flushing the toilet is to make sure only human waste and toilet paper goes down. If you’re a restaurant owner, it’s key to remember that grease, fats, and oil are all some of the biggest culprits when it comes to clogging lines. 

Once grease cools off, it can harden and stick to your pipes—leading to sewer line clogs. To make sure you never run into problems, educate yourself on things you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal or drain.

If the team of plumbing and sewer professionals here at Denver Plumbing Solutions determine you have a problem with your main sewer line, we have the knowledge, tools, expertise and technology to make sure your issue is solved in a timely and efficient manner. 

Traditional repair or replacement is typically performed using a backhoe to dig up the area surrounding the line, allowing easy access to the problem area. Once the repair is made, our team will utilize a backhoe is used to refill the area. While every sewer problem is unique, this option may be the only option at times, depending on the condition of your pipes, their configuration, or where you live.

In other circumstances, our team of sewer repair experts in Denver can utilize advanced technology to help diagnose and repair problems to your sewage system. Trenchless repairs cause less damage to yards and driveways than traditional repair methods because only the portions of your property at the beginning and end of the line are disturbed. Trenchless repairs involve making small access holes where the damaged pipe starts and ends. A new pipe is then pulled through the existing pipe, which bursts the old pipe into pieces while simultaneously laying new pipe.

If you need a sewer pipe replacement, the company to turn is Denver Plumbing Solutions. Our cost is upfront and fair at all times —with no hidden fees. We are geared to handle all kinds of sewer line replacement projects from a variety of causes including serious corrosion, cracks, freezing, and aging. At Denver Plumbing Solutions, our team of highly-trained sewer and drain technicians are always happy to walk you through all your options for sewer repair or replacement project. In fact, our professionally licensed and insured professionals are readily able to solve any problem that could be causing your home or business inconvenience, from sewage back up to flooding, pipe damage or improper drainage. Contact Denver Plumbing Solutions today for all your commercial and residential plumbing needs and to learn why we’re the region’s number one authority on all things plumbing related.

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