Top Five Ways to Prevent Plumbing Problems

July 17, 2019

At Denver Plumbing Solutions, we’re no stranger to plumbing problems, emergencies –even full-blown plumbing disasters. Our years of experience in both residential and commercial plumbing across Denver, Littleton, Aurora and surrounding areas means there’s few mishaps, logistical failures or equipment malfunctions we haven’t seen. That said, it doesn’t mean your next call to us has to be during an emergency. In fact, there are many ways Denver-area businesses and residents can catch plumbing problems before they become a crisis. With trusted professionals like Denver Plumbing Solutions in your corner, and by following the simple maintenance tips, you can stave off most major plumbing mishaps in short order. 

1. Check Your Water Pressure

Your house's water pressure could be causing all kinds of problems on your home or business’s plumbing system, particularly if it isn’t properly gauged. Having too much water pressure can be hard on all plumbing lines and fixtures and can even cause blowouts in flex lines or washing machine hoses, which in turn can flood the house. It’s a good idea to test water pressure even if your home has a pressure regulator, or pressure-reducing valve, on the main water supply because it isn’t necessarily obvious when a regulator fails. Testing water pressure occasionally can catch a problem with the pressure regulator before the high pressure can damage any plumbing.

2. Check Your Toilet Flapper

If you think your toilet might be leaking but you're not sure, a good place to start your maintenance check is in the tank at the back of the toilet. In some cases, the flapper, which is the rubber cover at the bottom of the tank that releases water during a flush, loses its original form and allows water to leak. Flappers are predominantly constructed of rubber which tends to warp, crack and split over time. Checking your toilet flapper is an important part of the toilet and inexpensive to replace. To check if it's faulty, put a couple drops of dark colored food coloring into your toilet’s reservoir tank and leave it overnight. If there's colored water in your toilet bowl the next morning, it’s a very good sign that your flapper needs to be replaced.

3. Re-caulk Your Toilet’s Footing

Leaking inside the toilet is often prevented by the wax ring seal inside the bottom of your commode, not your waterproof caulking. If the wax seal deteriorates, caulk will keep the water in, and you might not know about the leaking until later. However, caulking prevents water from the shower or bath, or an overflow, from getting under your toilet and rotting the floors, and looks more aesthetically pleasing. To prevent outside water damage from effecting your commode, and for a cleaner look, try giving your toilet a pedicure. If you’re unfamiliar with the tools and materials necessary, than Denver Plumbing Solutions will be happy to help. 

4. Clean Your Toilet Reservoir Tank

Sure, we all make sure to take time to make sure our toilet bowl. It’s not only hygienic, but also keeps our toilet functioning properly. But did you know that the inside of your toilet needs occasional cleaning as well?  Over time, thick layers of scale, metal stains, bacteria, mold, and mildew can build up in your tank if you're not cleaning it properly. When you flush your toilet, water goes from the tank to refill the bowl. If your tank is dirty, that water is feeding straight into your toilet bowl, making it difficult to clean and maintain. Avoid this problem early, by cleaning your toilet tank periodically. 

5. Clean Your Bowl

Sure, it's nice when your toilet looks pristine and shiny, but that's not even the main reason it's important to keep your toilet bowl clean. Keeping the bowl clean prevents corrosion and clogging and helps you to see early signs in case of an oncoming problem. The key to a clean toilet bowl is clean siphon jets, which you can have by using this clever mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and water. No one wants to get stuck dealing with a nightmare, and thanks to helpful tips like these, we can do our best to avoid it. For more tips to help you care for your residential or commercial plumbing system, contact Denver Plumbing Solutions. 

At Denver Plumbing Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering excellent service, with implementation of best practices for any of our client’s plumbing needs. Our team of well-trained, licensed professionals know that plumbing appliances and sewer systems are integral parts of a home or business. Whether you’re home sewage system is negatively affected by flushable wipes, or another issue, it’s always our goal to make sure that every one of our clients receives a clear and concise plan that ensures the issue is resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Our professionally licensed, and insured plumbers are readily able to solve any problem that could be causing your home or business inconvenience, from sewage back up to flooding or improper drainage. Contact Denver Plumbing Solutions today for all your commercial and residential plumbing needs in Denver, Littleton, Aurora and surrounds. 
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