Why Regular Denver Commercial Plumbing Inspections Are Important

April 17, 2020

As a business owner, you want to make sure everything in your building is working properly at all times. Any outage, no matter how small or inconvenient, can dramatically change the way your team works. While you know to get your HVAC system tuned up every year and always try to keep an eye on the condition of your roof, how much attention do you pay to your building’s plumbing? Though you may not like to think about it, your business’s plumbing is one of the most important components of your building. Getting your system inspected should be part of your regular maintenance routine. Here’s why those inspections with your Denver plumber are so important. 

Keeps Your Fixtures in Good Shape
Unfortunately, leaks, cracks, and clogs can do serious damage to your building’s plumbing fixtures. Not only does that damage make your facilities look less pristine, but it can also lead to serious damage that puts the productivity of your team at risk. 

During regular inspections, your plumber will check every sink and toilet for signs of damage. If they see anything wrong with the seals, the pipes, or the fixtures themselves, they’ll be able to recommend the right repairs to take care of the problem. The sooner the damage is caught, the less likely it is for your business to have a serious plumbing problem in the future.

Extends Your Water Heater’s Lifespan
Even businesses have water heaters integrated into their plumbing. Though you might not use it as much as you use the one at your house, it still gets used every day. The more use it sees, the more TLC it will need. At a bare minimum, you need to get your water heater tuned up once a year. 

This will help prevent serious maintenance issues from happening in the first place and gives your plumber a chance to fix minor problems before they can damage your unit. The better you maintain your water heater, the longer it will last which can make a huge difference for your company’s operating budget. 

Prevents Sewage Backups
Clogs happen all the time, but they can take time to form inside the pipes. They don’t just happen when wads of toilet paper get flushed or when things get stuck in the drains. They’re often caused by buildups of soap scum, dirt, grease, and debris. You might not notice the clogs when they’re starting to form, but your plumber will. 

When you catch those clogs early, they won’t typically cause serious damage to your plumbing. Regular inspections allow your plumber to monitor the condition of your pipes both inside and out. If they notice any buildup collecting anywhere in the lines, they’ll be able to flush it out so you never have to deal with sewage backups or slow drains in the first place. 

Keeps Leaks at Bay
Minor leaks waste trillions of gallons of water every year, but more importantly, they threaten the safety of your building. Small amounts of water damage increase your risk of mold and mildew growth indoors. Worse, those leaks can put your building at risk for serious structural issues that, when unrepaired, could make your building unsafe.

Regular commercial plumbing inspections will help you stay on top of those leaks as soon as they happen. With state-of-the-art technology, your plumber will be able to monitor the hidden pipes in your walls to make sure they’re not damaged. If they notice any leaks, they’ll be able to pinpoint the cause and fix them so you won’t have to worry about water damage in your building. 

Lets You Know If Upgrades Are Needed
The more your business grows and the more employees you bring on, the more your plumbing system will get used. Even if you don’t add another bathroom or sink to the space, the extra employees on your team will still increase the total usage. Unfortunately, your building’s original plumbing system might not be up to the increase in use.

Annual inspections will help you stay on top of the condition of your pipes. Your plumber will be able to assess their condition to determine if the load they’re under is too much. If it is, they’ll be able to recommend the necessary upgrades to help your building’s plumbing stay in good shape and keep up with the use your employees are putting it through.

Saves You Money
It should come as no surprise that unexpected repairs can throw a wrench in your operating budget. The more they happen, the more money you’ll have to dedicate to repairs. This can mean you’ll end up having to sacrifice growth and projects just to keep your building in good shape.

Regular plumbing inspections give you the chance to reduce your repair expenses every month. If you have to call a plumber for an emergency repair, you’ll have to pay for the service. When you catch issues when they’re minor, it will often be less expensive to repair them in the first place. Though you’re paying for the inspection, you’ll catch issues when they’re small and will end up saving money month after month. 

You’ll Build Industry Connections
Let’s face it…when you have a plumbing emergency, you’ll be willing to trust just about anyone to fix the damage. But there’s no guarantee that they’ll do a great job. When you schedule annual (or semi-annual) inspections, you’ll build a relationship with your commercial plumber. They’ll already know your building and its unique risk factors and can better tackle unexpected repairs so you can keep your business up and running productively. 

Schedule an Inspection Now
If you can’t remember the last time you scheduled a plumbing inspection, don’t wait until you have a surprise leak in your building. Stay on top of things and schedule a commercial plumbing inspection with Denver Plumbing Solutions.

Our experienced team knows that every building is unique and will do everything they can to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep your pipes in good shape for years to come.
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