What to Look for When Hiring a Denver Plumbing Pro

February 19, 2020

Your hot water heater is one of the most important appliances in your house. You use it multiple times each day, whether you’re taking a shower, washing dishes, or doing laundry. With so much use, you can expect your water heater to need a tune-up, if not some repairs, in the future. No matter what type of water heater you have, you should always get it serviced by an experienced plumber. But how do you know if you’ve found one you can trust? Here are a few key qualities to look for when choosing a Denver plumber to help you keep your water heater in good shape.

The Right Experience
Believe it or not, different plumbing appliances work in different ways. And not all plumbers specialize in working with every type of hot water heater on the market. Before you hire a plumber, make sure they’re familiar with the type of water heater you have on your property. This will help ensure that your water heater’s manufacturer warranty stays in-tact. 

If a plumber doesn’t have experience working on your type of system, they could end up doing more harm than good. The last thing you want to do is hire a plumber that won’t just fail to fix the problem, but will make things far worse. At Denver Plumbing Solutions, we have extensive experience working with standard and tankless water heaters and can guarantee our work. 

A Valid Business License and Insurance
No matter what type of work you’re getting done at your house, you need to make sure the professional you hire has the right qualifications in place. We’re not talking about experience here…we’re talking about a business license and the right types of insurance. 

Reputable plumbers are licensed to perform the work they do. The license proves that they know how to make sure everything is up to current building codes and that their work will stand up to your daily use. But beyond those business licenses, they should also have valid insurance policies in place to protect you from liability. Without insurance, you’re liable for any injuries they suffer while working on your property as well as any damage caused by their repairs. When the plumber has insurance, you’re protected and won’t be held liable for those issues.

Don’t hesitate to ask for proof before you let them work on your property. Reputable plumbers will happily give you proof of their license and insurance. Those who aren’t trustworthy will refuse, and if they do, keep looking!

Proven Reputation
There’s nothing wrong with hiring a brand new plumber as long as they’re licensed and insured. But you won’t be able to judge their reputation or see what their quality of work is like. This means you won’t know what to expect from their services which can put you at a disadvantage. 

Whenever possible, look for a team with a proven reputation. Ideally, the company will have a profile with the Better Business Bureau as well as online reviews from previous customers. If most people had a positive experience with the plumbing team, you can expect to have the same experience. 

But if most of those reviews are negative or you see a constant stream of complains with the Better Business Bureau, keep looking. The last thing you want to do is work with a plumbing team who won’t do a good job. 

Guarantees on All Work
Unfortunately, some plumbing companies won’t stand behind the work they do. When this happens, you’ll have to pay to fix any problems that arise from their repairs or water heater installations. This isn’t only unfair to you, but it’s potentially incredibly costly.

Look for a Denver plumber that stands behind the work they do. When a plumbing company offers guarantees on their installations and repairs, they do so because they want to do what’s right for you as the customer. They understand that accidents happen, but firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for those accidents. When you choose a company that guarantees their work, you’ll not only get better quality service, but you’ll also avoid having to pay twice for the same repairs or installation work. 

Fair and Affordable Pricing
There’s no way around it—you’re going to have to pay for plumbing work. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to overpay. You just have to be picky about the contractors you choose to work with. Look for a plumbing expert who provides fair and affordable prices for the services you need. Any estimates should be given in writing so you can compare the work they’ll do against any other contractors’ promises. 

Keep in mind that the best plumbing pro may not be the cheapest. That’s not a bad thing—when it comes to plumbing, you get what you pay for. Experienced pros may cost more, but their work will last far longer and can keep your systems running properly for months to come. The cheapest contractors may not know what they’re doing and could end up making things worse, forcing you to pay out of pocket to fix their mistakes.

They’re Local
Unfortunately, scammers actively look to take advantage of homeowners who want nothing more than to get their water heater fixed quickly. Many of those scam artists operate door-to-door and don’t have a physical business location in the community. This is to their advantage—without a local business address, you can’t track them down to fix issues that arise out of their so-called “repairs.”

When in doubt, look for a plumber that’s involved in the community. When plumbers live where you do, work where you do, and have a vested interest in the area, they care more about doing a great job every time. 

Save Yourself the Stress
If you’re looking for an experienced plumber to help you keep your water heater running smoothly and dependably, don’t panic. Contact our team and let us help you keep your system in top condition. Our experts stand by their work and will do everything they can to make sure you have a steady supply of hot water at all times. 
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