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Building a new home can be an extremely rewarding experience but often individuals undertaking such a project are met with a litany of questions they weren’t originally planning on having to answer. Fortunately, there are contractors and companies available who can help navigate the construction process and prevent it from becoming an overbearing experience. A definitive group effort, hiring quality individuals to complete each of the different tasks associated with residential construction can really help to eliminate the stress associated with such a project

One of the most important components of any construction process is plumbing. Ensuring the inner workings of a property are built efficiently and with a future timeline in mind can help to eliminate any potential problems that may arise. In addition, taking steps to avoid the most common plumbing issues found in new constructions will go a long way in helping to move the project forward. Eliminating the need to worry about pipes, water flow, best water heater location, and other plumbing components by gathering information from the experts can aid in ensuring your home is constructed efficiently from the inside out.

As a result, new construction plumbing must be handled carefully and with an understanding of the future impacts.


The home building process takes place over multiple phases with different companies working together in an effort to construct your property. Rough plumbing is typically an early part of the process, taking place after the foundation is poured and framing is up. This allows for plumbers to know where walls will be, how many floors are present, and if they are working with a basement or crawl space residence. All issues which could potentially affect their approach to installing the major components of a system and where pipes should run within and out of a home.


Depending on the layout of your new construction, placement of the water heater and other important fixtures - like the main water cutoff, should be considered. In most cases, these items will be placed in a basement but if your plans only incorporate a crawl space then decisions need to be made. Having the water heater on a main level can allow for access but steps need to be taken in order to avoid any major issues if there happens to be any future failure. In addition, being able to quickly get to the main water cut off can prevent any minor problems from becoming bigger because of the quick accessibility.


Having an opportunity to construct the plumbing from the ground up is a great chance to ensure all of the system is working properly and effectively, in addition to providing the best placement for all fixtures and services. While doing so is entirely different than any repair work, given everything will be brand new and additional construction layers will soon be added to cover up this work, having it done right the first time is extremely important.

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